Scotland Wedding // Raphaëlle & Barnaby

Where to even start with this unforgettable Scotland wedding adventure! Raphaëlle & Barnaby are two very special souls who decided to get married on Shetland, and boy were we excited when they filled us in on their plans! Raph and Barney met while surfing on Gulberwick beach after Raph decided to complete her training in Shetland a number of years ago. They couldn’t think of anywhere else where they would want to tie the knot, and so flew their closest friends and family out to this savage beauty of an island, which is located about half way between Scotland and Norway. The day we arrived to scout it all out (it was the summer solstice), we had to go and buy a pair of gloves and wooly hat to keep warm, it was windy, cold and wet. That didn’t matter much to us, we were (now) fully prepared for a moody and wild challenge, so we couldn’t believe the drastic change in weather the next day, when the sun came out and it was hot!

The ceremony took place at Sumburgh lighthouse, rising above rugged sandstone cliffs and surrounded by a nature reserve, it’s the oldest lighthouse in Shetland built in 1821. Guests were able to relax in the sun and enjoy watching wildlife such as the sweet Puffins, before heading off to Raph and Barney’s amazing DIY reception. Raph’s Dad put his heart and soul into catering for the whole party, he was a one man show too, so we and everyone else were seriously impressed with this guy’s culinary skills and stamina! He appeared rosy cheeked around desert time to make a short speech, and for a well earned drink or five! This was such a special wedding for us, it’s stories like these ones we yearn to tell as a destination wedding photographer, everything had so much meaning to it, and Raph and Barney were two of the most connected people we could hope for! Scotland wedding.



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