London Engagement Photographer // Keana & Joe

As a London engagement photographer we are always scouting out interesting locations to shoot in, and The Barbican is pretty high up on our cool-places-to-shoot list. Apart from being a world-class artsy centre, it’s a maze of eclectic architecture which we could get lost in for hours. We couldn’t think of a better place to take Keana and Joe for their London engagement shoot. The place was just totally empty, and we loved the stark contrast of a seemingly uninhabited cityscape with Keana and Joe’s fiery hot connection. We took our time walking around the place, looking for some interesting spots and having a chat about all sorts along the way. It was a hot July afternoon and the angle of the sun through the buildings was giving us some amazing light to work with. We can’t thank these guys enough for just letting go and allowing us to capture those raw, real moments between them. London engagement photographer.


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