Engagement Shoot // Sophie & Tim

It was one of those hot and humid summer days, the sky was moody, and the wild rugged Heath was the perfect spot for Sophie and Tim’s engagement shoot. It was threatening rain all afternoon, but we finished just in time before it started pouring down. Lucky for Edie (their sweet dog who came along), as she had just been to the hairdressers 🙂

We love hearing a good proposal story, and Sophie & Tim’s is a real cracker! After a Christmas spent in the countryside last year, they decided that they needed a holiday in the diary, something to look forward to after returning to work (they both work in the film industry). Initially they chatted about going to Venice as it’s somewhere they’d always talked about going. All of a sudden though Tim changed his tune and said he actually really wanted to go somewhere cold and remote, for a “winter wonderland” experience. This confused Sophie, but they eventually settled upon Norway, discovering they could stay in the beautiful house from the film ‘Ex Machina’, which in the real world is a boutique six-room hotel, Juvet Landscape Hotel. So off they went.

After a few days in Norway, Sophie’s hopes of a proposal began to wane, and she’d all but given up when they went for a snowy walk, (snow shoes and all), late one morning. Sophie is not used to snow and her main focus was trying not to fall over and break any bones. Tim’s focus was somewhere else. Eventually they came across a snowy Narnia-esque clearing, and Tim suggested that it was so beautiful that Sophie should take a photo. As Sophie began to get her phone camera ready, Tim got down on one knee and the rest, as they say, is history!

They later returned to the hotel to interrupt a group of hardcore skiers in the midst of a lecture on nearby avalanche risks, and they somewhat lightened the mood. The hotel owner, Knut, had a bottle on hand ready to pop, and the crowd of Scandi skiers cheered at their news!

These guys are two of the nicest people, and they’ll be getting married in Tuscany this summer! We’ll be capturing their story there, but for now, enjoy their romantic engagement shoot on Hampstead Heath, cute dog and all.




love the toning of those images


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