Warehouse Wedding // Louise & Matt

Louise and Matt’s intimate warehouse wedding was one of the most moving and soul-stirring days we’ve ever had the honour of witnessing. They really wanted a unique, non-traditional experience, something that would reflect their creative personalities and love for one another.

Louise and Matt live on a boat house in London’s Rotherhithe, an area of east London that has a long history as a port, with shipyards and working docks. Today the area is peppered with converted warehouses, film studios, cute cafes and pubs – its industrial past still very much haunting the cobbled streets and meandering River Thames. They kept it local to their home and decided to have their warehouse wedding ceremony at The Brunel Museum, an old engine house that formed part of the infrastructure of the Thames Tunnel. The story behind the building is fascinating – to think it was part of the first tunnel in the world to have been constructed underneath a navigable river is kind of mind blowing.

Their ceremony took place in the tunnel shaft, which is now used as a space to host music, film and theatre events. It’s pitch black down there(!) but they used festoon lights and candles to deck it out, and it just looked so magical. Louise and Matt said their vows in front of an intimate group of family and friends, (the celebrants were old friends too) and the atmosphere just felt incredibly special.

After the ceremony, we left the depths of the shaft and our eyes slowly got used to daylight again! They held drinks and canapés in the little wild rooftop garden for their guests. We then took them for a stroll around the area and ended up on the beach of the Thames because the tide was low and it was a natural location for these two boat dwellers!

In the end, it’s the simple things that can have the biggest impact on you. It didn’t take much to make this day perfect.

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