Industrial Wedding // Diana & Liam

An Industrial Warehouse Wedding At Trinity Buoy Wharf

Diana and Liam’s industrial wedding is one we will never forget. It was the last wedding we shot before our baby girl was born, and the last before the whole world changed, in more ways than we could ever have anticipated. Little did everyone know how lucky they were to be celebrating alongside their friends and loved ones with such freedom. Little did we know what parenthood would bring! We were also incredibly fortunate to have the amazing Coralie Monnet second shoot for us, just incase I had to make a swift exit! Coralie was brilliant and we made a great friend along the way.

It was October and Diana and Liam’s celebrations took place at Trinity Buoy Wharf. We love an industrial wedding setting. Being from London it always excites me to capture the urban soul of the city from a bygone era. This venue really ticks all the boxes with its warehouses and shipping containers, the docks, and old lighthouse.

Diana got ready at the Town Hall Hotel with her Mother who had travelled from Romania, whilst Liam was at their beautifully renovated home with his brother and close friends. Diana and Liam decided to walk down the aisle together and there was a lovely moment when they drew back the curtains and saw each other for the first time. After the ceremony, drinks and canapés were served aboard a boat which cruised down the Thames and was a ton of fun – we really enjoyed getting some sight seeing in!

For couple portraits, we went and explored the Lighthouse, and just loved the moody historical vibe it had. Built in 1864, it has a fascinating history, and was used to test maritime lighting equipment and train lighthouse keepers.

Liam and his brother are both talented musicians and both gave two amazing performances at the reception! Liam sang to Diana, which was really sweet, with no-one expecting it, so it was a beautiful surprise to capture. Liam’s speech was also really touching as he spoke about his father who was no longer with them, and just how much he wished he could be there that day. It got very emotional for everyone. There was a lot of love in that room!

We hope you enjoy this story as much as we did that day .. We can’t wait to be back out there capturing more couples in love.



Second Shooter: Coralie Monnet

Dress: Andrea Hawkes

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