30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2020

‘The 30 Rising Stars are emerging photographers—educators and mentors of the future—who show promise in taking the aesthetics of wedding photography to new places.’ – Rangefinder Magazine

It’s with great pleasure to announce that New York’s Rangefinder Magazine have named us as one of their ‘30 rising stars of wedding photography 2020’! Many of you will be familiar with the well respected award, but for those of you who aren’t – let us shed some light on it.

Rangefinder is a highly esteemed wedding and portrait magazine based in New York. Every year, hundreds of wedding photographers are nominated from all around the world by an industry professional or someone on the Rangefinder team to submit 30 photos from their portfolio, which we can tell you – is not easy! Given the level of prestige, and notoriety this competition has received since its start nine years ago, it’s a big deal to have even been nominated!

When reviewing the portfolios, the judges have specific criteria that they are looking for. The narratives must be captivating, the technique and style consistent, and the subject matter diverse. The images must be sourced from all parts of a wedding day, each one serving an emotional purpose. More than anything, they are looking for 30 images that display a unique perspective, that is artistically cohesive – a ‘signature look’. Out of the hundreds who submit, only 30 are chosen each year, so we are very proud today, for this incredible international recognition.

We have been lucky enough to already feature in Rangefinder a couple of times. Last year, one of our images was published as one of the best wedding portraits of 2019. So thank you Rangefinder for all this incredible support! When we started this journey, little did we know that the wedding industry really is one of the best in terms of community and friendship. We’ve met so many talented, interesting and wonderful people who inspire us everyday. If it were not for you, we wouldn’t be at this point right now!

Lastly, a huge thank you to our couples past and present. Thank you for trusting our vision with one of the most special days of your life. It means the world to us.

We hope you enjoy looking through our portfolio below, and keep an eye out for our 3 day takeover on RangeFinder’s Instagram account in December, where we’ll be talking about the technique and concept behind 3 of our favourite images from our submission!

Olivia & Dan



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