Minimalist Wedding In Tuscany // Abby & Paulo

The wedding of Abby and Paulo took us to the antique depths of Borgo Lucignanello, a Tuscan treasure nestled in the heart of the sun-baked landscape. Steeped in antique mystery and toasted with golden folds of sunshine, the historic village incites an essence of old-time romance.

For Abby and Paulo, it was always going to be Italy. Residing stateside, the Rafaels cemented the country as symbolic of their love for one another in 2019, during a 10-day trip, when Paulo proposed. Their wish was for their wedding day to act as an extension of their engagement escape, and the winding maze of Borgo Lucignanello with it’s backdrop of rolling hills, polished cobblestones and timeworn walls, was the perfect canvas!

Paulo being an Art Director meant that the couple already knew exactly how they wanted to translate the celebrations into visual form, gravitating towards our shared affinity for cinematic film-like aesthetics. With alleyways that sprawled to reach the chapel, alfresco courtyards nestled between olive groves, and sandstone walls, photographing this wedding was a true delight.

During the celebrations, we focused on capturing the rustic layers of light, sound, and texture that create the overall ambiance of Borgo Lucignanello. We also worked to integrate an editorial essence, mirroring the aesthetic choices made by the couple — from the vintage black Fiat Spider parked outside, to the elongated candle lit dinner table, and cloud-inspired floral arrangements.

Abby, dressed in swathing drapes of Vivienne Westwood, was a cinematic masterpiece in her own right — allowing us to capture the raw beauty of her bridal look in such a way that could have been clipped from the pages of a vintage 1940s magazine. Offset by the restrained simplicity of Paulo in all-black Jil Sander tailoring, the couple complemented the Tuscan backdrop with aesthetic aplomb.

Creating a visual rhythm of tears, laughter, movement, dance, and song, Abby and Paulo entrusted us with raw access to their authentic emotions — and in turn, we were able to capture a truly special occasion in our shared beloved country of Italy!





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