Hello! We are Olivia & Dan.

A destination wedding photography duo based in London.

Olivia & Dan Photography

About us

Born out of a shared passion for photography and cinema, Olivia & Dan Photography is a brand built on a belief in capturing authentic emotion and presenting it in a cinematic, innovative style with a story-telling approach.

Dan’s experience with the camera was nurtured during his time travelling throughout New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia in his twenties. Always artistically minded (he’s also a classically trained guitarist and has been in a band or two), these cultural adventures triggered a deep desire to tell stories and photography became a natural way for him to explore that.

By contrast, Olivia’s love affair with the camera started much earlier. Inspired by Italian neorealism, she began snapping rustic Italian scenes during long, indolent summer holidays at her Italian grandparent’s house in Borgotaro; a tiny town in the Apennine Mountains. She developed the prints in a DIY darkroom under the stairs back at her home in London and many still pepper the walls of her family’s homes today. A career in the fashion industry followed until she became disenchanted and, looking for a change, she remembered her grandmother’s words “Va dove ti porta il cuore” or ‘follow your heart’ and the couple started what became Olivia & Dan Photography.

Dan proposed by taking Olivia on a massive hike in the Italian countryside and when words failed him, ‘waved the ring in her face until she got the message’! Somewhat surprisingly she said ‘yes’ and they were married in the very town where Olivia’s love affair with the camera began. In the autumn of 2019, they welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world, and she has taken the lion’s share of the camera lens ever since.


Our style and approach…

We both have a strong fascination with human connection – depicting authentic moments, genuine emotion and documenting emotive stories. Wedding photography became a creative outlet for us to express that passion in an innovative way.

Our work takes a lot of inspiration from cinema and we harness the use of natural light and interesting composition to create timeless, nostalgic imagery. We use a subtle colour grade that further enhances the cinematic look and feel of our images.

Blending fine-art and documentary techniques, we offer a little direction throughout the day but, overall, endeavour to merge into the background to capture natural, moving and sincere moments – a shy smile, a touch of the hands, a playful gesture – brief instants that highlight your unique connection as a couple, which is what we love to focus on the most.

Our Process...

It all starts with a friendly video call…
We want to hear all about you and your life. What excites you? What interests you? What do you love about one another? The better we know you, the more honest a portrayal of your relationship we can achieve.

Take a look around our site and if you feel a connection to our work, then we can’t wait to hear from you.



Kind words from our past clients



"We knew straight away after seeing their portfolio that we wanted to go with Olivia & Dan. Such beautiful and cinematic work that far transcends the wedding photography genre. They made us feel relaxed and ourselves on the day, and managed to capture a whole load of moments we'd have missed otherwise. Would highly recommend!"



"Olivia and Dan are incredibly talented, their eye for detail and ability to capture something so special in a fleeting moment is just amazing. They captured the most perfect memories for us. The cinematic aesthetic has produced the most beautiful, and dreamy photos. Everything we had hoped they would be! In addition, both Olivia and Dan are such wonderful people and were an absolute joy to have at our wedding. I cannot recommend them highly enough!"



"Words can’t describe how perfectly Olivia and Dan captured our day. Really, only their photos can! They captured every detail perfectly. From the big moments like my father lifting up my veil, to our first kiss. To the small moments that would have been easy to miss. The groom and the best men looking over a photo collage they’d created for the day, a small locket on my bouquet that had a photo of my late mother in it, and so many more. Spectacular candid moments exchanged between our friends and family when we were getting our photos taken, stunning scenes of the decor and venue in the perfect light and fantastic shots of everyone on the dance floor having the most amazing time! They are both so intuitive, and managed to get shots of all of our nearest and dearest, with us barely noticing they were there. When we received our photos back, it brought us and our family and friends to tears all over again. We are so thankful to Olivia and Dan for documenting the most important day of our lives in such a beautiful way! From day one, we felt immediately that we could trust them with our day. And to us, the end result was absolutely perfect."

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